Public Deliverables

In line with the rules on dissemination of Horizon 2020, the following "public" deliverables will be made available throughout the project:

  • D10.1 Project kick-off meeting minutes (due date: April 2016)
  • D10.2 Set up BATCure web site (due date: April 2016)
  • D9.1 Website pages, facebook & twitter feeds established for all stakeholders & wider public (due date: June 2016)
  • D9.2 Dissemination poster and leaflets (due date: June 2016)
  • D10.3 First internal report on gender issues (due date: June 2016)
  • D9.3 Research key target groups required for clinical trial development (due date: September 2016)
  • D10.4 Minutes of First General Assembly meeting (due date: February 2017)
  • D9.6 Key resources translated into relevant major EU languages (due date: June 2017)
  • D9.7 Report of feedback analysis and its dissemination to key stakeholders (due date: December 2017)
  • D9.11 Provide range of reports across different media for dissemination of the final results of the project (due date: December 2018)
  • D9.12 Host NCL- 2018 (due date: December 2018)