General Media

Written press

  • Interview with Prof. Sara Mole, Coordinator of BATCure project, published in Neuro Central in February 2018. More details here.
  • Brochure "Changing the outcomes of Batten disease" released by Impact Publication in December 2017 gives an overview of the BATCure project. More details here.
  • The Pan European Networks HEALTH issue, released in August 2017, has published a 4-page article on the research activities of Prof Thomas Braulke's lab in University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Prof Braulke, who is mainly involved in WP2 "Identifying therapeutic target pathways using genetics & biology" gave an overview of BATCure project. More details here, pp.58-61.
  • Press release "Childhood dementia at forefront of rare brain disease battle" published by Horizon, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine. More details here
  • Newsletter of the European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGC), "People on the Move". June 2016. Dr. Sara Mole, coordinator of BATCure, has been mentioned in the ESGC newsletter for her
    research on Batten disease under the framework of BATCure. More details here
  • Press release "BATCure: a Batten Disease Consortium made possible by Vision2020" published by Internal Innovation. More details here
  • Press release "EU Horizon 2020 Award to UCL: 6 million Euros awarded for Batten Disease research and gene therapy development" published by the UCL Gene and Cell Therapy Group. 9 February 2016. More information here
  • Press release "Salamanca es referencia en una investigación europea sobre la enfermedad de Batten" published in a Spanish local newspaper. 17 January 2016. More details here


  • As part of its dissemination strategy, BATCure has prepared a general information leaflet for NCL's patients, families and professionals. Leaflet.pdf


  • To have an overview of BATCure's plan and its consortium partners, please visit this video interview to Prof. Sara Mole. The video was filmed at the 15th International Conference on Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (Batten Disease). Video

General Poster

  • Our partner OSI, in collaboration with UCL, prepared a poster to present project's design, concept and organisational structure of BATCure project. The poster is available here.
  • Our partner BDFA prepared the poster "Behind the scenes at BATCure" to learn a bit more about our project partners. We invite you to have a look here