The Partners

The Coordinator of BATCure has worked in the field of Batten disease for more than two decades, making many significant contributions along the long path towards reaching new therapies. 

The participants of BATCure have been selected from across Europe to provide the complementary expertise and resources that will be required to address each of the key objectives outlined in the work programme and reach the overall goal and impact of this project. The partners were invited to participate for their 

(i) excellent track records and position at the forefront of their research field; (ii) complementary and diverse expertise that provides synergy and fosters novel interdisciplinary interactions, and 

(iii) the long-term economic benefit this would bring to the partner and their country by their participation. 

This has resulted in a uniquely designed consortium in which most have not worked together previously. Participants have, however, demonstrated the experience and commitment required for the collaborative and cooperative working that will be necessary for the success of BATCure since many have previously contributed to the success of other consortia. Together, the partners of BATCure provide a consortium of diverse and complementary expertise whose combined purpose is to address thoroughly the objectives of the call of EU Horizon 2020 PHC14- 2015 – new therapies for rare diseases to Batten disease.

Map of partners