Project Management Structure

The key features of BATCure operational  anagement, decision-making and project organisation are represented as follows:

General Assembly (GA)

The GA is the decision making body of the consortium, chaired by the Coordinator who acts as the intermediary between the consortium and EU. All the organisations will be represented in the GA by an authorized representative, together with the WP leaders and those assigned oversight responsibility for specialised areas within BATCure. The GA will be free to act on its own initiative to formulate proposals and take decisions on several matters.

Executive Board (EB)

The EB is responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the decisions of the GA. It also monitors the effective and efficient implementation of the day-to-day activities of the project and prepares the content and timing of press releases and joint publications. WP leaders and the coordinator are the members of the EB.

External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB)

The EEAB consists of a panel of four external experts from different academic disciplines/institutional types (e.g. academic, clinical, industrial, ethics). In particular, they will monitor all project work and advise on ethical compliance to be met with the relevant national and international regulations.